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  • PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE - Thought Terminating Cliches By addiction pioneer Terrence Gorski

  • FIRST THOUGHT WRONG - More In Store By Mark Lundholm

  • CHARLIE G INTERVIEWS - Charlie G Interviews Subway's Don Fertman A Crayon of a Different Color (part 2)

  • GOD AND THE 12 STEPS - Abandon All Old Ideas By Dyce K

The goal of "It's All In The Journey" is to show someone still suffering how we did it. To teach, inform, and
entertain our brothers and sisters in recovery. To let family members and the general public know that treatment
for addiction is possible and available to everyone. And that it works if you work it!

Our Mission: The 12th step of the 12-step fellowship says, "...having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we try to carry this message to another alcoholic or addict."



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